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  • Turn It Up Tuesday #49
  • DIY Marquee Arrow Light for Boy’s Room Wall Decor
  • Covering a Door Hole and Printable Bathroom Sign

Turn It Up Tuesday #49

turn it up tuesday link party

Welcome to the 50th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! Soon we will be celebrating our 1- year anniversary! It has been a great year getting meet new bloggers and friends. Thank you to all of you who stop by and join us each week and bring the fun! Even if you are new to [...]

Living Room and Main Floor Design Inspiration

Living Room Design Yellow Aqua Turquoise

It’s been awhile since I updated you on our progress with the house and there’s good reason for that. It isn’t ready! The kitchen and living room are painted but that’s about it. We have been so hard working on the fence and the dining room is taking several weekends as well. But I have [...]

DIY Marquee Arrow Light for Boy’s Room Wall Decor

DIY Marquee Arrow Light for Boy's Room Wall Decorating. Pottery Barn Inspired Marquee Arrow

I have a fabulous boy’s room decor project to share with you today. It’s a Pottery Barn inspired marquee arrow that I designed and my husband built for our son’s room. This project turned out great and I am very excited to share it with youThe arrow measures 21 inches nose to tip. The cuts were pretty easy since it only required a straight cut and a 45 degree cut. Honestly, the hollowed out arrow itself would have been a cute wall decor shelf too!

turn it up tuesday link party

Welcome to the 49th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! Hi Everyone! It’s been a long hard week but I am glad to be joined here with my co-hosts, friends, and,of course, you! It has been really fun getting to see all the great ideas, creations, and life you bring to this party and the [...]

Covering a Door Hole and Printable Bathroom Sign


Today, I solved two problems with an easy craft! I made a chalkboard powder room sign and I even have it available as a printable. A few of the doors when we moved into the new house were badly damaged. I think this one took a baseball or something. The other problem is when we [...]

What to do when your Creative Mojo is Failing

What to do when you need inspiration and your creative mojo isn't working

  Creativity can be a roller coaster.  With the thrills of catching great ideas and the rush of genius to the pitfalls and struggles of pushing on when you run out of steam. I have loads of ideas from decorating, crafting, cooking, art, travel, etc. My mind often runs in crazy tangents that make sense only [...]