Pinwheel Bouquet Centerpiece

Pinwheel Bouquet Centerpiece Tutorial

Hi all!

Today I am posting with a simple spring craft: a pinwheel bouquet centerpiece. We close on the house in one week so I have been dreaming up all kinds of ideas for decorating. Of course, I don’t yet have a dining room table but this will be so cute as a centerpiece.

Here are the materials you will need-

Easy DIY tutorial for making your own spring pinwheel bouquet centerpiece


  1. ruler
  2. scissors
  3. pencil
  4. hole punch
  5. tape
  6. brads
  7. assorted papers and 1 scrap sheet to use as a template
  8. bamboo skewers or dowel rods (not pictured)


Scrapbook Paper

This is the color scheme I chose. This picture seems a bit on the grey side compared to the paper in person. There are only 6 papers pictured but the top row is the A side and the bottom row is the B side. These colors match my intended color scheme for the main floor and dining room.

 Make a Pinwheel Craft

1. Cut out the patterned paper into squares. I used 6 inch squares. Also cut a template from an extra scratch piece. Find the center of the template by folding the template in half each way. Using a tool, punch a hole in the center of the template. Now use the template to punch a hole in the center of each of the patterned papers.


Beautiful Paper Pinwheel

 2. Now we make the cuts for the pinwheel. Place a ruler down from one corner to the other (the center hole should also approximately line up). Draw a line from a corner to 1/2 inch out from the center line. Repeat for 3 other corners. Cut your lines.

 Paper Pinwheel Tutorial using Scrapbook Paper

 3. Using your hole tool, punch holes in one side of each corner as in the picture above. Make sure your holes are always on the same side of each corner.

How to make a pinwheel

4. Take one corner and put a brad through the hole you put in it. Work your way around the corners clockwise putting the brad through each hole.

Pinwheel bouquet Tutorial Easy DIY

5. Once you have the brad through all four corners, push the center down and push the brad through the hole in the center of the back of your paper and secure.

How to make a pinwheel

Pinwheel Tutorial Easy Table Spring Centerpiece

6. Tape or glue your pinwheel to a dowel rod or bamboo skewer. Arrange as you like and trim the skewers to height. Use styrofoam or floral foam to stand the pinwheels up. I personally liked varying the height of the pinwheels when arranging. I also made sure to have a nice 360 degree view of the centerpiece.

Have a great day!



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    This is fantastic! I love pinwheels and this would make an incredible center piece on our table for summer! Thanks for sharing!

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    Paper pinwheels…how grand! I love that you bunches them to make a bouquet too. I am a bit of a self confessed paper junkie and letter loving gal so of course I had to stop by and take a closer look. Visting “AlittlebirdtoldmeWednesday’ linkup.
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      Oh thank you so much! This is amazing since I am a relatively new blogger. I already have my post ready for tomorrow. It is so nice to meet new bloggy friends.

    • says

      Giggling in bursting enthusiasm! Thank you so much! I wrote on Craft Dictator’s blog that I was just discovering this party and you guys have put together a great sampling of talented bloggers to party and connect with.

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    Dropping by from Katherine’s Corner. My niece made large pinwheels like these as part of her wedding decorations and they looked fabulous! Thank you for the step by step.


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