Ninja Turtle Party Ideas


Yesterday was my son’s 5th birthday and we celebrated at his preschool with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party. It was a smashing success! I remember the TMNT movies as a kid and it’s funny how these things come full circle. It is so nice to see your children engage with similar things as you once did. Many of these party ideas can be utilized in other party themes too.

Might wanna get your sunglasses cause this is bright! This party was for 25 kids. Yeah, I am an overachiever. If you would like invitations for this soiree, I made some free printable T-phone invitations for the occasion.

Ninja Turtle Party Ideas

Here is a table illustrating all of the little party ideas. We had a pizza party (of course!) with “Ooze punch” to drink. The punch consisted of Green Strawberry Kiwi Juice and Ginger ale. And to make it really special, I blasted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song


Ninja Turtles Party Decoration

I made these accordion fold rosettes featuring Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo. I highly recommend buying the accordion fold hanging Tissue Paper Pinwheel Fans and gluing the images of any party theme in the middle. So easy! Unfortunately, the craft store didn’t have green. I will admit, it was more work than I envisioned. But if you get stuck like me with an idea in your head that you must have:

Michelangelo Party Decoration

I bought 6 pieces of large poster board and trimmed six inches off the long side. Then I cut each piece in half long ways so that each half should measure 28in x 8in. I then folded each piece with my folding board and bone folder at 1 inch intervals. It took three of these pieces to form a completed circle. I glued the three pieces together in a line and put the rest together similar to this video from Tim Holtz (your piece should look like the piece at the 4:00 mark). Just imagine on a larger scale and with a LOT of hot glue. I used leftover foam core board cutouts from the Ninja Knock Out game below as the backing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Ideas - DIY Ninja Turtle Mask

I also made individual felt masks in each of the colors. I cut a template out using my son’s head as a guide and sewed and elastic band to the back of it. You could also just cut out one long felt piece so it ties. I didn’t want to have to tie 25 bandannas to children constantly.

DIY Ninja Turtle Mask

Now I needed something to keep the kids busy while I set up (remember I am dealing with 25 five-year olds). My first instinct was to do a pinata shaped like shredder’s head. But then I saw a similar party idea to this:

Ninja Turtle Party Favor

It consisted of foam core board with circles cut out. Tissue paper is taped to the back side and paper bags filled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mega Mix Favors
are taped behind that. The idea is that a child will punch out the tissue paper to grab the surprise inside. All the fun of a pinata without the chance of kids banging each other in the head!!!!

Ninja Turtle Party Idea Ninja Turtle Party Game

And of course, the pride and joy – cupcakes! As mentioned on Mindful Monday, I used this recipe for the cupcakes. They were soft, moist, and chocolaty. I also made and colored the frosting with a basic vanilla frosting recipe.

Ninja Turtle Cupcakes

The cupcake toppers were made using images from Turtlepedia. I would love to offer them as a free printable but I am sure the four heroes images are licensed and I do not want to mess with copyright laws.

I am very happy how my little guy’s fifth birthday turned out. Truthfully, it didn’t cost that much. Not including the pizza, I spent about $60 for everything for 25 kids. And the best part?! In the middle of the everyone sitting down enjoying their cupcakes, my son exclaimed, “Mommy, your the bestest!” for all to hear.

Have a Cowabunga Day!


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      One of the unfortunate things about my son’s birthday is that it is in the winter where frigid temperatures keep the play indoors. So we moved the tables and furniture and peppered the floor with balloons for the kids. They really enjoyed bopping them around. I didn’t purchase any entertainment for this particular party. We had simple games like freeze dance, where you freeze when you music stops or your out. We also, of course, had the ninja knockout game. Lastly, the adult helpers and I had the kids draw their favorite turtle character. A short tv show or movie with popcorn and goodies could also be a good idea to keep the noise down while the adults enjoy themselves too.

    • says

      I, personally used my son’s head as a guide. I made the felt of the masks long enough to go just past his ears. I would say the elastic piece was probably about 6 inches long with some overlap on each side of the felt. Since my son has a larger head than many his age (5 years), I made sure it was snug on him.

  1. says

    I absolutely love the effort and fun that shows through in all the stuff that you have created and put together! It seems you enjoyed it as well. BTW I’m interested in Ninja knock-out board, I hope you featured the DIY process. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      The party was for my son’s 5th birthday so I was mostly dealing with 4-5 year olds who don’t have a ton of punching strength, even though my son is above average in rambunctiousness. It may need more security if you have older children. I leaned mine against a buffet table edge, the plastic kind you can fold up. I taped them to the table with removable tape and they were leaning at a slight angle. I used 2 of the 20″x30″ foam core poster boards because I had 24 kids. This was about perfect for the table height which was 30″.

    • says

      I used 2 foam core boards taped together. I know walmart usually carries it in their school supply section or most any general craft store will definitely have it. Hope that helps!


    These are so fantastic idea’s I will try to do these amazing idea’s on my baby. Thanks for the share.

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    I love that knock out game. I’ve done something similar before and it’s seriously one of the most fun things ever. Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

    • says

      Totally agree! The girls were a bit more timid but the boys really got into the spirit of the game. It was so cute and I just love this age of childhood.


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