White Chocolate Martini


Let's Make a...

This White Chocolate Martini, or chocolatini, is a sweet cocktail with creamy white chocolate liqueur and vodka. Lovely presentation perfect for Valentine's Day!


Martini or Coupe Glasses are perfect

- White Chocolate Liqueur - Vodka - White Creme de Cacao - Half & Half

Garnish Ideas

Rimming:  Melting White Chocolate Wafers and tiny sprinkles Other Additions: Strawberries Raspberries White Chocolate Shavings Cocoa Powder dusting

How to Rim A Cocktail Glass with Sprinkles


Pour sprinkles on a rimmed dish or small plate. pile them around where the glass will be dipped.  Thread raspberries on a toothpick for garnishes.


Rim the Glass

Melt the white chocolate on a small plate.   Invert the martini glass and press the rim straight down into the chocolate mixture. Pull the glass up and allow any excess to drip off.


Add Sprinkles

Dip the rim of the upside down martini glass into the sprinkles.  For more sprinkles, at an angle, press the sides again, picking up and rotating the glass around the edge.


Make Cocktail

In a cocktail shaker, add ice and liquids. Cover and shake for 20 seconds.  Strain into the martini glasses.


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