Grilled Steak and Veggies Kabobs

Let's Make...

Tender steak and bright seasonal veggies tossed in a flavorful brown sugar, soy & garlic marinade. These kabobs are grilled to perfection for an easy-to-serve supper solution ideal for backyard bbq's.

Marinade Ingredients:


You can freeze the marinating steak or the cooked kabobs. Allow it to thaw before grilling or baking in the oven. Lasts about 3 months if in an airtight ziplock bag and sealed well.


Whisk together all the marinade ingredients. Add to a large plastic bag with steak and chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour, but it can marinate for up to 8 hours.


Build the Kabobs

For the most even cooking, thread the meat and veggies on separate skewers. However, it is prettier to alternate the marinated meat with the veggies on the same skewer.


Cook the Kabobs

Cook skewers 8-10 minutes, turning and basting every few minutes on a medium-medium high heat on all four sides. Amount of time will depend on how well done you like your steak.


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