Restore a Weathered Deck

How to...

A wood deck can last decades with the right maintenance and deck restoration. We'll show you step-by-step how to restore and re-stain severely damaged decks.


– Pressure Washer – Deck Brush – Rags, cleaning supplies – Stain Brushes – Stain Sprayer – Orbital Sander – Safety Equipment – Deck Brightener – Stain Color


For large projects like decks, I HIGHLY recommend using a quality paint sprayer. It cuts maybe 50-80% out of the work time.


Inspect and repair the structural integrity of the deck. Replace any boards that are showing signs of rot, pest damage, or loss of support.


Pressure Wash

Clean the deck and remove any peeling or chipping stain. You can use a pressure washer with up to 2000 PSI pressure but be careful not to gouge the wood.


Remove Mildew

For decks that have grayed severely or been neglected, deck brightener will remove the top layer of gray wood and kill mildew.



While sanding is optional in some cases, a light sanding will always help the stain penetrate and bond better to the wood surface.


Apply Stain

I apply stain with a sprayer and then back brush to work the stain into the grain. A sprayer cuts time by 50-80%. Use least two coats of stain, and 3 for clear or transparent stain.


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