With caramel vodka, apple cider and a sugared rim, this caramel apple sangria cocktail is perfect for adult gatherings! Garnish with apple slices or rosemary in individual glasses or make a pitcher.



Crowd Pleasing Favorite and tastes amazing with caramel vodka.


Can be made in pitcher or for just one cocktail.


It screams cozy fall!

EASY RECIPE that boosts your bar skills.

Why make this recipe?

Apple Cider Caramel Syrup White Wine Caramel Vodka 5 Apples


More Apple Slices Rosemary sprigs Star of Anise Pods Cinnamon Sticks Make a Fall Inspired Sugar Rim Coarse granulated sugar Ground Cinnamon

Fun Garnish Ideas

Start by removing the core and then quartering the apples. Slice thin with the skin on. Use a mixture of red and green apples for best taste and presentation.

In a pitcher, add all of the ingredients including caramel vodka, caramel syrup, white wine, and apple cider. Toss in apple slices if serving immediately.

Stir well, making sure to dissolve the caramel syrup. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours to chill and mix the ingredients.

It is fun to add a sugared rim to individual glasses. Mix cinnamon and rimming sugar together on a plate.

On a separate plate, dip the rim of the glass in apple cider or juice. Then dip into the sugar cinnamon mixture.

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