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Table that has been stripped of stain and refinished.

How To Bleach Wood

Revive your vintage, antique, or dated furniture with this raw wood or natural furniture finish. This tutorial shows you how to bleach wood furniture to lighten the natural color and remove stains including black spots. Create a fresh, modern vibe in 3 easy steps!
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 piece of furniture
Author Rachel
Cost $50


  • 1 Wood Bleach I love this product as it works fast and evenly.
  • 1 Safety Gear: Gloves, face mask, protective eyewear
  • 1 Plastic Drop Cloths
  • 6 Lint Free Rags
  • 1 Distilled White Vinegar
  • 1 Protective Top Coat Of your choice
  • 1 Stain Of your choice


  • Put on your safety gear and prep the space. This stuff does have fumes.
    Supplies for stripping a table including safety equiptment.
  • Wet a lint free rag or sponge with solution A. Be generous to keep it wet until the next step. The color may intensify during this step and that’s ok. Wait 5 minutes for soft woods like pine or poplar or wait up to 10 minutes for hardwoods like cherry or oak.
    Wiping and cleaning wood.
  • Wipe on solution B with another clean sponge or lint free rag. Leave overnight to dry and it will lighten.
    Table surface during bleaching wood.
  • Lightly sand for evenness of color. If a second bleaching is desired, do it after you have left it overnight or several hours because it will lighten as it dries.
    Ryobi orbital sander.
  • Use distilled vinegar to neutralize the bleach if you use more than 1 application. Allow to dry completely for 24 hours before adding any stain or finish.
    Table top with raw wood finish to show the natural grain.