Tips for...

Using a Paint Sprayer

Using a professional paint sprayer the right way takes some practice, but here are a few tips on how to use a paint sprayer the right way to get professional results in your home DIY projects!

Wipe the tip with a rag occasionally as you go. Dried paint can build up, causing your paint to splatter.


Always test a scrap board (preferred) or large piece of cardboard. Anytime you take a break from using the sprayer, always hit the test board first.


If, even after cleaning, your paint sprayer won’t spray, check to make sure a pinhole at the top of the plastic tube on the side isn’t clogged.


Start by spraying "off the board", meaning engage the sprayer before you are over top of the work product (or cabinet door in this case).


Spray all the way across the surface, and let go of the trigger after you are no longer over the spraying surface. This prevents any spitting.


You can, let paint sit in the sprayer overnight for additional coats but clean the tip well and place it back on.


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