How to...

Set Up a Homework Station

Creating a simple and effective homework station is made easy with these tips. Create a homework station that will help your kids be productive and actually get their homework done efficiently.

Choose a Quiet Area

The biggest chance of success is to limit distractions. Preferably with a handy outlet for a laptop, or charging accessories like headphones.


Stock the Necessities

My son is the king of wasting time. Before official homework time, I check if everything is at hand to minimize the chances of him getting up.


Set a Routine

Same time + Same space = Success. I personally give my son a short break after school before we get down to business.


Keep 'em Close

While we must balance distractions, young children especially need supervision and usually help.


Minimize Your Own Distractions

You child will feel much more assisted if you're able to help them by answering questions without distractions of your own.


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