Must Haves for...

a Helpful Homework Station

Putting together a helpful homework station for your kids is made easy with this shopping list for your diy homework station! Follow this list to help your kids effeciently complete their homework.

Pens and Pencils

Probably the most obvious, but make sure to buy some quality ones that make homework time a bit easier on your kiddo! Maybe even fun with some colored pens.


Paper and Notebook

Whether it be loose leaf or a notebook, make sure they have a homework station notebook to jot down their thoughts while they're working.


An Organized Caddy

This will help keep them on track and make life easier on you as well as they will have all supplies at the ready without having to search.



If they don't have a smart device that has a calculator function, make sure to offer them a calculator.


Necessary Craft Supplies

They are going to have plenty of projects in the future. Make sure to stock up on crafting supplies so you don't have to run to the store every time!


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