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Paint Kitchen Cabinets like a Pro

Get professional results painting your kitchen cabinets with a paint sprayer with this tutorial that gives all my tips and tricks from a professional painter.


– Paint Sprayer – Orbital Sander – TSP or Degreaser – Sand paper – Wood Filler – Paint Brushes – Lint-free Microfiber rollers – Paint trays – Stain-blocking Primer – Paint – Top Coat

Remove Doors and Drawers

Unscrew hardware. Especially for a large kitchen with multiple size doors and drawers, I HIGHLY recommend numbering them and making a chart.


Prep Doors

Prep the cabinets by cleaning with TSP alternative or a degreaser cleaner if you have grease or oil stains. Repair scratches and dings as needed.



Sand any glossy coating off. You do not need to sand every bit of previous stain or paint off. Roughing up the surface creates a better paint bond, hands down.


Prep Sprayer and Work Area

For doors, start with the back sides. Prime, paint, and and allow the doors to dry before flipping over to the the door fronts.



Prime the cabinets with a quality primer. The Kilz Premium (not original) is my no-fail primer for cabinets. For very light colors, use 2 coats of primer. Allow to dry 24 hours.



Paint the cabinet doors with 2 coats of cabinet paint.  *We have lots of painting tips in the post below from our years of experience.


Let Dry

Allow to dry. I generally allow the doors to dry about a week before flipping over to prime and paint the fronts.


Paint the Frames

You can tarp and spray the cabinet frames while waiting for the doors to dry. You can either tarp and spray the cabinet frames (pictured) or paint using a brush and roller.


For more tips and suggestions for professionally painted cabinets, swipe up!