Craving Some Creativity

Linen Closet Organization You Can Actually Use

A simple organization project with the BEST tips for a Small Linen Closet including what to purge, creative use of space, make laundry easier, and keep items in easy reach.

Step 1: PURGE

Items just find a place and get stuck there, with no use. Less stuff is easier to manage, period.


Sheets with no partner - if you use a top and bottom sheet.


Expired Medicines and Toiletries

Toiletry Rule of 3 -you probably won't get to it before it expires - Toss!


What to Purge?


Mismatched towels - pick one color. This makes laundry easier too!


Excessive plastic bags

Expired Makeup - It goes bad faster than you think.


What to Purge?

Step 2: Baskets and Bins

Pro tip: Never fill a box or bin more than 75%, because you will want flexibility when something new comes in.

Step #3: Level Up!

Organize each shelf with the same size or height. For example, all towels on the same shelf, same size bins on the same shelf, etc). Don't purchase more than 3 types of bins.

Step #4: Use the Door!

A door organizer adds so much more functionality to the small linen closet space!

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