Can cracked tile be saved?

Craving Some Creativity

This is an easy to follow step by step guide for permanently fixing a cracked tile. Learn how to remove and repair the floor before replacing the damaged tiles for a perfect job in this tutorial!

Tools Needed:

– Oscillating Multi-tool  with grout remover blade – Tile Cutting Saw – Tile Cutting Blade – Chisel – Hammer – Square Floor Trowel – Rubber Float – Tile Sponge

Remove the grout from around the cracked tile. By far, my preferred method of removing the grout is to use an oscillating multi-tool and grout blade.


Remove the tile. Start at one corner and pry the smallest piece up, then work to get the rest of the tile up, always working towards the center.


Clean out the mortar underneath. There needs to be room for the new mortar, so that the new tile sits flush with the old tile.


Add thinset mortar to the tile area. Using a square trowel, add a small amount of thin set to the cleaned area below the tile.


Lay the replacement tile. Gently place the tile in and press into place with an even grout space all around. Don't walk on or grout for 48 hours.


Grout the tile. Use a grout float to push the grout mixture into the lines and then wipe away excess grout. Make sure to push and wipe in multiple directions to completely fill the gap.


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