DIY Concrete Plant Pots

Let's Make...

This super easy and cheap DIY flower or plant pot for summer! Follow this easy DIY concrete plant pot tutorial for a fun DIY activity for beautiful plants.

Items Needed:

– 2 Containers to Use as Molds- 1 for the outer and 1 for the inner mold. – Shovel – Container to Mix Concrete In – Paint Brushes – Something to vibrate the mold (We use a disc sander)


There are lots of unique molds. They need to be somewhat flexible or breakable. I have used plastic planters, old glass jars, build square wood forms, etc.

Mix the Concrete

Mix the concrete with water until the consistency of a thick oatmeal. The more water you add, the smoother it is, but your project will also take longer to dry.


Prep the Molds

Wipe the inner and outer molds with release spray. Make sure to get crevices or corners well. Place the molds on a level surface.



Fill the bottom of the outer planter. Place your mold inside and fill around the sides evenly. As you work up, bang or vibrate the container to get rid of bubbles.


Remove from Mold

Once the concrete is very hard but not dry, you can release from the mold. The longer you wait to dry, the harder it will be to release, but not too early because edges may stick.


Seal and Decorate

Concrete is very porous but sealing is not required for planters. Use an outdoor paint meant for stucco or cement for the best bond and protection.


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