The Best Christmas Decor Organization 

Craving Some Creativity

Using these tips, we created a simple step by step method for organizing Christmas decorations. Easy enough to tackle in one afternoon!

Purge these Items

- Broken items or missing   parts. - Worn items. - Items you have not used   in 3 years.

Make a List and Check it Twice!

– Craft or decoration ideas for next year. – Items to be replaced (ornaments, lights, etc.) – Items that you are on the verge of purging.

Purchase Large Sturdy Stackable Bins

It's best if they are the same size! This makes storing the Christmas decor easier and helps keep the space organized!

Christmas Storage Tips

– Remove batteries. – Save original packaging. – Label boxes by room or category. – Wrap strings around cardboard to avoid tangling. -Everything for one tree in the same bin.

Label, Label, Label!

Be super specific so you don’t have to go rummaging through several bins labeled “holiday decor” to find a candle or ribbon.

Bury the List

Choose 1 main box and lay your list for next year inside the bin. If you think you will forget where you put it, add it to the contents list on the box.

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