How to Make a Cheap Garden Path

Craving Some Creativity

This is an easy step by step guide to how to create your own cheap and budget-friendly DIY gravel path at home in no time! We use traditional materials like gravel, mulch or crushed brick.


– Marking Paint or String  – Weed Control Base – Gravel or rock – Edging Material – a mattock or shovel

Decide the shape of the path. Spray the outer shape with marking paint or you can also use string or garden hoses.


Dig a 4 inch deep trench evenly throughout. Adjust for areas that may pool water. If you plan to use a 2 layer system, dig at least 6 inches deep.


Lay a foundation to keep weeds out and to help keep the gravel packed down. A foundation can be sand pack or heavy duty tarp.


Add the gravel stones. For a 4 inch depth, you need about 35lbs per square foot of garden path. We used 2 tons here.


Edge the path with landscape edging, paver stones, or natural barriers like logs. I have several beautiful options included in the post.



For weed control and a strong foundation, sand or stone pack make for a great 2 inch base below the gravel. Landscaping tarp is another budget friendly option, but may deteriorate over time.

There are a lot of considerations, so for more tips, swipe up!