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DIY Bed Frame design with storage underneath for cubbies and baskets.

DIY Bed Frame with Storage Cubbies

Build this DIY bed frame with storage underneath from scratch! This easy to build platform bed frame is for a kid's twin bed but can be modified for a queen or king size.
Cook Time 4 hours
Finishing 1 hour
Total Time 5 hours
Servings 1 Twin Size Bed
Author Rachel
Cost 120



  • Wood Glue
  • 3 sheets 4'x8' sheets of ¾ inch plywood. Please note that each cut generally takes away ⅛ inch
  • 2 boards 10-foot 2x4s can use (3) 8-foot 2x4s
  • 1 boards 1x4x8 foot board for footboard and headboard caps
  • Banding to finish exposed plywood edges
  • PDF Plans This is a large printable PDF with measurements.


  • It is often best to lightly sand the boards if they need it prior to construction as it can be difficult to get into the crevices.
    Ryobi orbital sander.
  • Build the platform storage base. You will build two of these to make the bed frame base. Build the outside frame and then add the inner slats evenly spaced apart. Join all pieces with wood glue and nail from the outside into the slats. Pre-drill prior to nailing to ensure plywood does not split. Nail or screw the backer board on.
    Building plans with measurements of platform bed with storage underneath.
  • Build the headboard. The center plywood panel sits flush with the back of the 2x4 headboard. Cut the headboard first and then pocket screw the plywood to the frame according to the diagram. If one is particularly hard on furniture, considering adding a cross brace between the legs and attaching to the platform with extra screws.
    Building plans for a bed headboard including measurements and instructions.
  • Build the footboard. The footboard is put together similarly to the headboard.
    Diagram of building plans for a foot board.
  • Secure the headboard and footboard to the base. Place the platform/cubbies in desired location leaving the appropriate spacing. Place the headboard and footboards in place at either end and lag or screw headboard and footboard in place according to diagram.
    DIY Bed Frame design with storage underneath for cubbies and baskets.
  • Finishing. If desired, finish the exposed plywood edges, glue on thin hardwood banding for a stained bed or wood fill if your plan is to paint. Fill any holes or knots if necessary. Paint or stain as desired.
    DIY bed frame built from pine wood for a kid's bed.