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Laminate countertops removed and ready for replacement with granite.

How To Remove Countertops

How to remove countertops yourself on a budget. A handy tutorial for saving money on your bathroom or kitchen remodel. We have included removing laminate countertops as well as stone or granite.
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Servings 1 countertop
Author Rachel
Cost $10



  • Someone to help you lift and position
  • Wall Patch


  • Empty the base cabinets to prevent dust and the potential of something dropping on breakable dishes.
    Laminate countertops removed and ready for replacement with granite.
  • Turn off water and unhook all plumbing and appliances.
    Bathroom cabinet plumbing detached for new countertop.
  • For any type of countertop, first remove the 4-inch surround if you have a separate one. Cut any caulk that attaches it to the wall and to the countertop with a box cutter or caulk knife. Use a pry bar to gently pry away from the wall.
    How to remove laminate countertops including the four inch surround.
  • To remove laminate countertops, plastic, or sometimes molded surface countertops, check for brackets and screws underneath. These are usually in the corners. Stone or granite are rarely screwed. For all countertop types, there is often a caulk line between the cabinets and the countertop. Check both the inside and the outside of the base cabinets. To remove, use a utility knife, and cut the caulk line, being careful not to mar the cabinet faces.
    Underside of a granite countertop to show how it is installed.
  • After all caulk is cut enough (both inside and out) to release the top, gently lift the countertops from the front to a 30-degree angle and pull out from the cabinets.
    Kitchen island with countertop removed to show base cabinets.


Tips Before Installing New Countertops
  • Make sure the pipes, gas lines, and electrical are long enough for a potential change in height.
  • Will the garbage disposal still hook up properly?
  • If you are installing a new drainpipe, make sure you have 1 inch, at minimum, of drain line coming out from the wall. (This is fixable if you don't, but I have run into this problem a few times.)
  • Even if your installation comes with a sink, they usually only include the basin. You will have to purchase a drain kit and plumbing separately.