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Stacked Pumpkin Heads - Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween Front Door Decorations

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

This diy pumpkin topiary is the cutest Halloween decoration for the front porch! Easy to make and fun for all ages, they light up and can be broken down for storage when not in use.
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 topiary
Author Rachel
Cost $25


  • Drill
  • ¾ inch drill bit
  • Hand Saw



  • Insert the dowel rod into the planter, all the way to the bottom. Fill planter with sand and foam or dirt to anchor the dowel rod.
    A dowel rod inserted in a plant stand for a stacked pumpkin topiary.
  • Plan out how you want the pumpkins to stack and in which order. Mark areas for holes in the pumpkin head so that they stack nicely on top of each other at alternating angles.
    Where to drill holes in a pumpkin topiary.
  • Drill holes in the top and bottom of all pumpkin heads except the top one.
  • Press the pumpkin heads onto the dowel rod. If necessary, cut any excess off of the dowel rod using a hand saw or other cutting tool.
    A pumpkin head with a hole cut out and a dowel rod pushed through.
  • Add flameless tea lights or battery operated outdoor lights inside the pumpkins.
    Stacked Pumpkin Heads - Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween Front Door Decorations


I got my jack-o'-lanterns at Lowes several years ago, but haven't seen them in a few years. However, I have seen several options you can use including carvable foam pumpkins on Amazon, Dollar Store pumpkins, and others at craft stores. You can use plastic candy buckets, but I would put a small hole in the bottom most part to allow them to drain if it rains.