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This mini refridgerator started out as white and we painted the refridgerator to fit the man's office. This is a silhouette cameo project but every man I know wants one of these babies now!
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How to Paint a Refrigerator

Learn how to paint a refrigerator with this simple, budget friendly method that creates a long lasting finish. From black to stainless steel, get all of the tips and tricks with this step-by-step guide!
Prep Time3 hours
Active Time1 day 2 hours
Total Time1 day 5 hours
Yield: 1 appliance
Author: Rachel
Cost: $50



  • Clean and Mask. Remove parts that may get in the way such as large handles or stickers. Clean very well and then mask any areas not to be painted.
    Refrigerator interior masked off for painting
  • Lightly Sand the surface. What I mean by "lightly" is that the entire surface should be sanded evenly but not so much that you go through the previous paint. Pay attention to areas that are touched often like around handles. An orbital sander takes only a few minutes. The dust in the air should be left to settle and then wipe every surface down with dry cloth->wet cloth->dry cloth method.
    Ryobi orbital sander.
  • Prime. If necessary, prime the surface with 1 coat of primer.
    Painting a refrigerator black using black primer.
  • Paint at least 2 coats. Coats should be thin and even. Follow the instructions on your paint for dry time and time between coats. If rolling, make sure to always roll consistently in the same direction for both the primer and paint.
    Painted dorm size fridge


    1. See blog post for my recommendations on which paints and primers to use.
    2. Tape off any edges you don’t want painted such as inside doors.
    3. A roller is always going to be the better option over a brush because it is less likely to streak and faster to apply. Some paints work better microfiber rollers and others with dense foam. Test both to see which finish is best.
    4. You will get the best results if you brush details or corners then roll before the paint has time to dry.