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Wire Word Art

A few simple tools and 15 minutes is all you need to learn how to make wire word art! Create personalized gift tags or hang your favorite quote on the wall! The fun and possibilities are endless.
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Rachel



  • 16 guage Wire For smaller sized projects
  • Font see note below for ideas
  • Printer Paper


  • Print out a font you like or hand write a guide.
  • Using the guide and jewelry pliers, bend the wire into letter shapes.
  • Crimp together letters that bend back on themselves with the flat area of the pliers. Example letters include "a", "m", and "n".
  • Attach and use as you like. To hang on the wall, clear push pins or metal nails should hold it up. The wire can also be bent around objects such as hoop wreaths or decorative objects.


Choosing Wire Tip - With the wire, you want something that is pliable but not super, super soft. I did notice a difference in softness between brands. What you are looking for is a wire that is easily bent with your fingers but resilient enough that once you make the word it won't be easily bent out of shape.
For the font, I used Sacramento,  but others that will work include Brannboll Fet, Allura, and HaloHandLetter. The font is only a guide to help keep the letters all the same size and straight.