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How To Paint a Bathroom Cabinet

Paint a bathroom cabinet that looks great and lasts! These durable paints require no-priming so you can paint in three steps.
Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 5 hours
Author Rachel



  • Remove hardware and doors. For large jobs, I number the doors. Clean the frames and all doors and drawer fronts well.
  • Sand enough to remove any sheen or gloss. An orbital sander with 120 grit makes the sanding much easier. 120 or 220 grit can be used for hand sanding any corners.
  • Tape off any edges you don't want painted such as under countertops or walls. Use a lint free microfiber roller across all flat surfaces for the smoothest finish. You will get the best results if you brush then roll before the paint has time to dry.


These instructions are for for paints that don't require primer like Fusion Mineral and Benjamin Moore Advance.
There are, however, 3 situations that I would still use a high-quality stainblocking primer:
  1. Painting over dark cabinets with a light or white color
  2. Oak Cabinets that have bad stains stains like deeply embedded oil or markers.
  3. Cabinets with knots in the wood such as knotty pine.
My favorite never-fail primer is Kilz Premium (not the original).