White Chicken Chili

Craving Some Creativity

A creamy, inspired White Chicken Chili recipe made with tender chicken, sweet corn, white beans, and chiles stewed in a rich broth for an extra kick of flavor.


This recipe can be made easily on the stove in 30 minutes, or in a slow cooker, or an Instant Pot if you choose.

In a large stand mixer with a paddle attachment, shred the chicken on low speed. If you do not have a stand mixer, the chicken can be shredded with two forks.

The Easiest Way to Shred Chicken

In a large pot or dutch oven over medium heat, add olive oil and onions. Cook the onions until translucent – about 5 min. Then add garlic for 1 minute.

Stovetop Instructions

Add the chicken, chicken broth, beans, green chiles, corn, cumin, oregano, chili powder. Salt and pepper to taste. Simmer over med heat for about 15 minutes.

2. Simmer

Cut the cream cheese into cubes and stir in along with the half and half. Warm back to temperature if necessary and serve.

3. Add Dairy

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