Garage Storage Ideas that Save Space

Craving Some Creativity

Wall storage is the secret to maintaining order. We’re sharing our favorite garage wall organization ideas that we have personally used.

1. Adjustable Rails

Easily modify these rails to hold a variety of items from small ladders to bicycles.

2. Slat Panels

Modular storage offers slotted plastic panels to hold everything from hooks and shelves to groups of small items.

3. Expandable Shelving

Keep seasonal items stored out of the way, toolboxes out from underfoot, and chemicals safe from the kiddos’ grasps.

4. Lawn Tool Storage

Simply secure a large concrete form tube to a 2×4 mounted to a garage stud for a custom DIY storage center.

5. Storage Straps

Tame cables, cords and hoses once and for all. The durable buckles are a cinch to hang difficult items like hand vacs and lawn equipment.

6. Overhead Shelving

Overhead shelves are ideal for bulky items like luggage, coolers, or fishing gear. Loave the adjustable ones for over garage doors.

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