Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Craving Some Creativity

From bathroom cabinet storage to space saving organization ideas, you will never feel so inspired to tackle your small bathroom clutter once and for all!

1. Always purge before organizing. 2. If you have more than 3 of something, it will probably expire before use. 3. Store items accessed most often at eye level.

Tips for Bathroom Organization

4. Always leave 15% empty space for the future. No stuffing. 5. Stop thinking “How do I fit this?” and start thinking, “How do I see myself using this space?”

Tips for Bathroom Organization

#1: Clutter Busters

A full-length mirror that folds out for tons of hidden storage. It attaches to door hinges, perfectly utilizing even the tiniest space!

#2: Floating Shelves Above the Toilet

Add Shelves and baskets above the toilet for extra shelving. You could even place items that need to be plugged in on the shelves!

#3: Utilize Door Space

Blank back doors make excellent storage options including towel racks, robe hangers, and more.

#4: Use Hooks High and Low

– Towels – Hand Towels – Robes or Extra Clothes – Swimsuits for Drying – Bath Sponges and Body Brushes – Hair Accessories

#5: Lazy Susan

Vertical storage is a must, especially with small counter space.

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