Shredded Chicken Nachos

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This supreme chicken nachos recipe is loaded with melty cheese, seasoned pulled chicken, and tons of fresh toppings where every chip is perfectly piled high!

Fresh Topping Ideas for Nachos

Shredded Lettuce Pico De Gallo Diced Tomatoes Diced Avocado Green Onion Jalapeno Chili

Black Olives Black Beans  Sour Cream Salsa  Guacamole Cilantro Lime Wedges

The secrets to making the BEST Nachos


Shredding your own off the block always melts a little better. Blocks don’t have cellulose (that white dust you often see in the bags helps keep the shape).


For an out of this world queso blanco recipe (that will really level-up your nachos), swipe up!


Serve the sour cream, salsa, and guacamole on the side in small dishes with spoons. It’s easy to refill and easier to spread on the chips.


Keep the chips spread out flatly rather than domed up, so every chip gets evenly warmed.


Layer the hot toppings, then put in the oven on broil. ½ chips-> ½ of the cheese/chicken/chili->repeat.


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