DIY Paper Windmill Craft

Craving Some Creativity

Looking for a cute DIY activity to do with your kids this spring? This adorable DIY paper windmill craft idea is a great idea for elementary aged kids for both school and home!


– Ruler – Scissors – Pencil – Hole punch – Tape – Colorful paper – Sturdy dowel rod – Pipe Cleaners – Paper Straw – Spacer bead

 Draw straight lines diagonally. Punch a hole in the center wide for a straw. Cut the lines, leaving about ½ inch from the hole intact.

Using a hole punch, punch holes in one side of each corner. Make sure your holes are always on the same side of each corner.

Cut the straw to 2" long.  Using scissors, cut one tip of the straw in 6 sections so it splays outward.

Fold one corner of the sheet of paper into the center, lining up with the center hole. Put the straw through the hole. Work your way around the corners clockwise putting the straw through each hole.

Just like with the first end of the straw, cut the second end to widen it. The pinwheel paper should be secured on the straw.

Double over a pipe cleaner and thread through the straw. Twist the front around in a knot to keep from sliding out.

Cut another ½ inch of paper straw and thread behind the windmill. Test the spinning. Wrap the back end of the pipe cleaner around the dowel rod tightly.

Less than 5 minutes! For more easy ideas, swipe up!