Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Craving Some Creativity

Learn how to organize a small pantry with tips and tricks about food storage, the BEST bins, and more pantry organization ideas.

Prep the Pantry

Clean & possibly add a fresh coat of paint if your pantry is looking a little worn or chipped. Add spill liner mats as necessary.

Use a Door Organizer

Doors are a great way to maximize small pantry storage space. You can put a lot of spices, bottles, and small items like breads or cereal in racks.

A Functional Layout

Create an organization plan that makes sense for you and your life, not just one that looks nice on instagram!

– Put heavier and larger items on lower shelves. – Put healthy snacks at eye level or in easier reach than treats. – Rarely used items or backups go up higher than eye level.

How To Organize Shelves

– Don’t put food on the floor, but you can add baskets that hang under shelves. – If you buy groceries in bulk, make sure to have a rotation system to avoid food expiration.

How To Organize Shelves

Use Appropriate Containers

Easy to Clean (food grade plastic)  – Buy extra bins. This will save you long term.   – Uniform Bins & Containers, not just what fits now. – Label everything.

Don't Overfill Containers

Don’t fill pantry bins more than 70% for grocery flexibility. In fact, I have two snack bins, 3 bins for canned goods, and 3 unlabeled bins for overflow.

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