Garage Tool Storage and Organization Ideas

Craving Some Creativity

Even if you have a small space, these ideas are real life tested in our own shop for both stationary and portable tool storage.


Cords stay tangle free.


Dust, debris, and bugs are kept out.


Less time and money wasted trying to find something.


We are more productive.

Benefits of Good Tool Organization

1. Pegboards

We can’t possibly talk about tool organization ideas without these. Pegboards are the gold standard for small spaces and walls.

2. Slatwalls or Rails

These are alternatives wall storage that provide the same level of customization with more durability and longevity than pressed pegboards.

3. Rolling Tool Chest

Look for heavy duty drawer slides and drawers that extend all the way. These will give you the best long-term investment over a cheap toolbox.

4. Work Bench

Shelves are a great place to store awkward items and we custom built this one to store a variety of often used tools.

5. Ceiling Racks

Custom open shelving is very affordable and easy to build. It can be difficult to find a rack that fits your space, so a DIY shelving unit might be best.

6. Cabinets

Metal or wood cabinets are great to organize supplies and odd shaped items. They also hide everything to make it neat and orderly.

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