Guide for Installing Peel and Stick Backsplash

Craving Some Creativity

It's not quite as simple as peeling and sticking! But we have the tips for a vinyl or glass tile backsplash the correct way the first time!

– Heavy Sniping Shears – Straight Edge – Measuring Tape – Sharp Box cutters – pencil – Level – Dry erase Marker – Paper – Paint and Supplies  – Caulk

What You'll  Need

The background wall paint color should be a similar color to the tile for best results.

Before You Start

Start by prepping the wall. Make sure it is as clean as can be with no bumps. In this case, tile should be "level" to the countertop itself. You can hide imperfections under the cabinets.


To start mark a vertical reference line. You should follow this line to make sure the lines are straight and even.


WARNING: In some products, the adhesive is so strong that you GET ONE SHOT at putting it on so make sure to position carefully. If you have to remove it, pry it up gently with a putty knife.

Apply the tiles. Make sure you are applying them in a straight line. There is no need to leave space between the tiles.


TILE CUTTING: With a simple glass cutting tool the tiles are cut fairly easily around outlets and corners. For intricate cuts or glass, a wet saw with a diamond cutting blade is perfect.

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