Outdoor Halloween Witches



Add some spirit with these DIY Halloween witches holding hands made with easy to find supplies. and glowing heads! They are life sized, easy to store, and no-sew!


– 4 poles - 5ft long – 5ft PVC Pipe  – 2  XL Zip Ties – 2 Plastic pumpkin buckets – 1 roll Black Duct Tape – 3 yards Landscape Fabric – 3 yards soft mesh fabric


– Battery String Lights –  Black Rope – 2-3 ft Stretchy cording  – 1 Witch Hat – 1 box Trash Bags – Safety pins


Cut PVC pipe to length. Drill holes in pumpkin buckets for PVC pipe to fit snug on the pipe.

Cut PVC Pipe



Position tomato stakes around PVC pipe, hammer stakes into the ground. Zip tie to hold. Apply duct tape to ends of tomato stakes to keep from poking fabric.

Create the Form


Mark at the top where the bottom pumpkin should sit. Wrap duct tape around the pvc pipe below the mark and slide pumpkin onto PVC.

Mark Pumpkin


Make Arms. Cut two 18 inches length of yard fabric. Roll and secure by cutting a hole to slide over pvc pipe. Slide down pvc and on top of bottom pumpkin head.

Make Arms


Drape yard fabric over witch form and center it evenly. Cut a hole to slide over PVC pipe. Stuff the bodice with trash bags and fasten sides with staples or safety pins.

Form Witch


Cut off enough tulle to cover top pumpkin head. Drape the rest of the tulle over your structure and tie rope around the bodice to create the waist.

Cover the Head


Slide second pumpkin head over PVC pipe, opening upward. Put the face backwards. Insert remote controlled or string lights on a timer inside the top pumpkin.

Add Pumpkin Head


Drape mesh over the pumpkin head and tie at the bottom. Adjust tulle around head as necessary,

Add Mesh


Attach hat to the head and secure with the bungie cord. Stuff with trashbags to keep stiff, if desired.

Add Hat


Tie or attach the arms together.

Tie Arms