How to Remove Burned Gunk from Stove

Craving Some Creativity

Burned on food is the worst! However, cleaning it from your stove is easier than you think. Easily get rid of burnt residue and water stains using these simple tricks!

– Distilled Vinegar or Citric Acid Powder – Soft cloths like microfiber – Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – Cerama Bryte Cleaner – Flat Scraper

Best Cleaning Products in order of Mess Severity

Step #1

Allow the stove to cool enough to warm to the touch.

Step #2

Loosen the stuck-on dirt by spritzing with hot water and vinegar or citric acid. Leave a few minutes to haze over and wipe off.

Step #3

For severely burned or stuck messes, gently use a flat scraper. Keep the scraper at a 30-degree angle or less. The scraper can scratch the surface if you gouge it harshly.

1. Allow the stove to cool and wipe while still warm.  2. Remove and soak grates to clean. 3. Mr Clean Magic Erasers are also safe and won’t scratch glass.

Daily Cleaning Tips:

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