Step by Step Garage Organization

Craving Some Creativity

Learn how to maximize this valuable space with proper planning and real-life organization solutions. Cut the clutter and create a functional extension of your home for work, storage, and play!

Evaluate your needs. – How much space do you need to park the car(s)? – Make zones for categories. – Make goals manageable.


Make a plan. If you’ve ever been through a renovation, you understand how a fun project can pivot into a powder keg of tension. Streamline the process by making and agreeing to a plan in writing.


Purge. Go through everything - twice. You may find it easier to get rid of stuff the second time around.


Pick your storage systems. Are you going to do bins? Built ins? Cabinets? A work bench?


Tips for putting it all away.  – Create “sections”- lawn care, athletic gear, etc. – Think seasonal. How often do you need it? – Utilize eye-level storage for frequently used items.


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