Clever Garage Wall Storage Ideas

Craving Some Creativity

Garage wall storage is the secret to maintaining order. We’re sharing 25 of our favorite garage wall organization ideas to make your space a dream. 

A hanging rail system is a great choice for getting things off of the ground and organized at eye level.


Hanging Rails

This is a great choice for lawn care products! This will keep them organized and at eye level for quickly finding what you need.


PVC Slatwall

Modular wall mounted ceiling shelves save space by utilizing oft-unused garage real estate.


Expandable Shelves

Simply secure a cardboard concrete-forming tube to a 2×4 mounted to a garage stud for a custom DIY storage center.


Lawn Tool Storage

Plastic totes and common 2×4’s create a long-term storage solution that doesn’t cost any square footage.


Overhead Storage

Install bench rails to utilize vertical space above your workbench. The rails keep tools and equipment easily within reach while your surface remains clutter-free.


Bench Slatboard

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