Fruity Cupcake Recipes

6 Delicious

Make any of these deliciously simple fruity cupcake recipes for your next birthday party! These creative fruit flavored cupcake recipes are super flavorful and yummy!


Apple Spice Cupcakes are handheld versions of a classic spice cake with tidbits of fresh apple folded in.

Apple Spice



Vegan vanilla cupcakes that are fluffy, light, and dare I say, fun? Topped with a tart raspberry frosting and cute as a button.

Vegan Raspberry


Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes are inspired by the classic strawberry crunch ice cream bars.

Strawberry Crunch


A tender white cake base infused with vanilla and caramel extract. Then topped with rich caramel frosting and drizzled for maximum flavor.

Caramel Apple


These Lemon Cupcakes are full of bright lemon flavor because fresh lemon juice is mixed into the batter and into the silky frosting.

Lemon Cupcakes


Summer Berry Mojito Cupcakes infuse classic mojito flavors- lime, mint, and rum- into a moist and airy cupcake.

Strawberry Mojito