Crown Apple Pomegranate Cocktail

Let's Make...

Sweet and tart, this Crown Apple Mixed Drink with Pomegranate is a refreshing sipper of fall harvest flavors. Learn how to make this easy and fruity fall cocktail!


– 1.5 fl ounces Crown Royal Regal Apple equals 3 tablespoons – 4 fl ounces Pomegranate Juice – 1 fl ounce ginger ale – 1 Apple sliced in rounds for garnish (optional)


Fill rocks glass with ice.

Prepare Glass



Pour Crown Royal Regal Apple over ice. Add 4 oz of pomegranate juice. The glass should be ⅔ full. Double the recipe for glasses larger than 10 ounces.

Make Cocktail


Top with a heavy splash of ginger ale.

Top it Off

You can use any variety of Pomegranate juice you can find, but the most widely available one is POM wonderful. It is usually in the refrigerated shelves near the fresh vegetable section.