Blackened Mahi Mahi

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"This Blackened Mahi Mahi recipe is virtually foolproof. With bold flavor, and a punch of smoky charred blackening, dinner can be on the table in as little as fifteen minutes!"

What is blackening seasoning?

How to Choose Mahi Mahi: Look for firm, pinkish meat and defined striping for the highest quality.

Top with a citrusy mango, pineapple topping, or Corn Salad. Rice, sweet potatoes, and Roasted Squash also make excellent side dishes.

What Should I Serve it With?


In a small bowl, combine seasonings. Pat the fish fillets dry and generously sprinkle the seasoning mixture on both sides and pat into the fish.

Prep the Fish



In a small bowl, add diced cucumber, red pepper, mango and red onion. Rough chop cilantro and squeeze 1 lime. Stir and allow to sit while cooking the fish.

Make the Salsa


Pre-heat pan thoroughly over medium-high heat. Add butter to the HOT pan and place the fillets in the pan immediately, but don't let them touch.

Cook the Fish

This method may produce lots of smoke and that’s ok!  Opening a window in a small kitchen is a good idea. The fish cooks fast, so it won’t be long.


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