DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath

Craving Some Creativity

This simple step by step guide for creating a DIY spring themed butterfly wreath is easy to follow and will leave you with a beautiful spring themed wreath!

- foam wreath hoop - 1 ½ in wide ribbon - colorful cardstock - metal sewing pins - necklace pearls

What You'll  Need

Wrap the ribbon around the hoop and secure with a sewing pin. Occasionally, it might pucker in the weave so hide any imperfections in the back.


Cut the butterflies out of the card stock. Swipe up for the free templates for the butterflies.


Fold back the wings on the paper butterflies and pin them to the form with some small metal sewing pins. Work in groupings to create different color patterns.


Now this butterfly wreath needs some spring bling! Using necklace pearls, thread sewing pins through the hole and attached them to the wreath form.


For more details and free template, swipe up!