Mother's Day Moscato Sangria

Let's Make...

"Moscato sangria is a fruity, refreshing cocktail that combines Moscato wine, brandy, and a little fizz with lots of juicy fruits."


750 ml Moscato Wine  ½ cup Brandy 2 sliced Limes 4 Oranges 6 oz Strawberries, Sliced Ice 1 Apple 1 Peach 24 oz Seltzer or Ginger Ale


Don't waste an expensive bottle of wine on making sangria. Use your favorite cheaper bottle of wine.


Juice 2 oranges and 1 lime into a bowl or pitcher along with the rinds. Add the wine and brandy. Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight so that everything is cold.


Prep the Fruit

Prep all the remaining fruit. Set some aside for garnishes for glasses.



Remove rinds from the pitcher and throw away. Add ice and garnish glasses, if desired. Just before serving, add seltzer/ginger ale and ice.


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