Mindful Monday

Mindful Mondays is a weekly series that explores the present status of my world. Via Wikipedia, mindfulness is essentially maintaining, as much as possible, a calm awareness of one’s body, feelings, mind, and dhammas. You will often find links to great recipes, crafts, family events, and tidbits I find around the internet. There are also weekly meal plans, website updates, and whatever I find useful and meaningful.


Moar Snow! I still can’t believe it. 15+ inches pelted us Wednesday night. Get me outta snowville! But on the bright side, my new scrapbook goodies have arrived!

website picture

Clockwise from left: My Mind’s Eye – Now and Then (Girls), My Mind’s Eye – Now and Then (Boys), My Mind’s Eye – Chalk II, and Fancy Pants Design – Timbergrove. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful!

Website News

So, it is now 90 days into the experiment which I call a blog. I have learned so much in my short time but I would not consider myself an expert by any definition. It seems like every other day I learn I have been doing it all wrong. I know I will stumble and I will learn. It is a hard balance between doing what everyone says I should be doing and keeping my project genuinely me. My primary objective the first few months was simply to get great content up and get the website running smoothly. I recently started delving into the social aspect of blogging. I am very excited about this because being social is what it is all about, right?

As you may have noticed, I redesigned some new pages so that the content can be more accessible. There are new sections for crafts and scrapbooking. In the coming months, there will be some continued changes which I will share in due time.

Mommy Agenda

The good life- Mommy Agenda

I have been testing frosting and cupcake recipes for my son’s birthday bash coming tomorrow. This one from the cupcake project takes the cake, literally! I was really worried about the liquid to flour ratio, but I can attest that they turned out perfectly. But with all these sweets, I think I am going to eat nothing but carrots the rest of the week. Well, and this delicious looking marinated flank steak from one of my favorite recipe girls. A girl has to have some fun in food life!

Other than that, I will spend most of my evenings this week drawing and dreaming up furniture layouts for the new house. I even bought the cutest graph paper notebook to store my visions.

Have a great day!





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